Rhianna “Bob”ertson

Under her Umbrella:

Queen of Hearts

The super chic bob is no longer that of the past. I can remember the Queen of hearts in an ordinary deck of cards, or the eccentric Betty Rubble from the Flinstones with this cut. No-ser-ry bob, is this cut for the introverted. The cut is blunt, bold and daring, and honey if you’re ready for the limelight, hide under an umbrella-ella-ella-ella- eh.

I must say that hip hop has come a long way. I remember the very unattractive “dookey” chains, and baggy jeans wearing, laides of hip-hop from the eighties.


 The infamous chant “ella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh” has become synonymous with Rhianna. Lets face it..you’ve have that song in you head for days now, the only way you got it out is when you heard the new Soulja Boy song. ::please don’t dance::

Amongst the cluttered shelves of Rasputin music store, Rhianna’s melodic, Caribbean ambiance , appears. Her China doll bangs and fashionista overhaul, changed her from “fresh off the boat” to “fresh ta death”.

Rhianna has reinvented herself as a fashion icon. She is what to hip hop, what Carrie Bradshaw, is to Sex and the City. She sets trends with her over the top ballet tu-tu, and paired with eighties inspired, bamboo earrings. With Rhianna ghetto fabulous and pret-a-porter, live harmoniously.

Kudos, Rhianna, for showing that we too can be super chic! 



3 thoughts on “Rhianna “Bob”ertson

  1. I love her hair in the last pic. I am getting my hair somewhat like it. (it’ll just have red streaks instead of purple and side bangs. ) I really like her style. When it comes to choices though…I wouldn’t follow her on that. Love doesn’t hurt.

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