Whats Black, White and Red All Over?


Check Mate

It’s simple.

Pairing an ultra 80’s black and white checkered jacket, with uh, pretty much anything, gives your outfit an unexpected flair. It’s chic. The jacket, can bring down the tone, of you favorite super vintage dress. Pairing checkered with neon, is an interesting dichotomy on a very traditional ideal.


Wang You Very Much…

Alexander Wang:

Turning One, Aint so easy 

Based out of New York, deigners Alexander Wang, started his journey, just a short blink ago. Launching in 2004, with signiture knits, Wang has established himself in the industry, as an innovator.

Launching in Spring 2007 his first ready-to-wear collection, yep thats last freakin year, he is infomous for his soft jesry dresses and smooth silouettes. His super trendy crop jackets and super femme fabrics trickled down the runway this Spring 2008.




Not by the Hair on my Trendy Trend-Trend

The Holy Matrimony between Neutral and Neon :

Nanette Lepore to be exact. Fashion Week ’08 infused 80’s inspired neons, yeah remember them, with sophiscicated nuetreals , as  the pallet for many collections. I mean lets face it, no one wants to walk around looking like a Hue/Saturation layer mask.

Nuetral meet Neon….

remember though, no sex on the first date!


Nannette Spring 2008