Dropping Stones: Clothing Designer Christian Dior, Drops Actress Sharon Stone from Ad Campaign in China


Sharon Stone has been under scrutiny after insinuating the devastating earthquake in China, was a sort of karmic retribution for the countries malevolent treatment of the people of Tibet. Sharon misspoke,while speaking to a Chinese press in Cannes, setting off a chain of  events, one of which, involved the pulling of her Christian Dior campaign, from being advertsied in China.

The bulk of the nation habitually perceives American as ingenuous, and infantile in nature,in comparison to other developed nations. This ideology in part, has a lot to do with our position as a  global power, and our ornate foreign policy. Let’s all become more of a global race, and grasp  the contention that when a cataclysm, like China’s earthquake transpires, it’s not China’s issue–it’s a all-inclusive event, that should not cast condemnation on a county for thier own relief efforts.

One word– Katrina. The refusal of foreign aid, after Hurricane Katrina is pretty lucid evidence of yet another Katrina failure by the Bush administration. CREW director stated  “It’s clear that they’re trying to hide their ineptitude, incompetence and malfeasance.”

“Allies offered $854 million in cash and in oil that was to be sold for cash. But only $40 million has been used so far for disaster victims or reconstruction, according to U.S. officials and contractors. Most of the aid went uncollected, including $400 million worth of oil. Some offers were withdrawn or redirected to private groups such as the Red Cross. The rest has been delayed by red tape and bureaucratic limits on how it can be spent.” 

So, we can all regard with contempt the relief efforts of Myanmar and China, but many Americans, like influential actresses, will never be able to realize the unscrupulousness manifesting under their own noses.


Curving her Curvature:

The Fictitious Speculations Behind Whitney’s Win



Not long after our Rubenesque models’ success did the malicious gossip surface. As acclaimed by the rumors, Whitney won, Cycle 10 of ANTM, only after gaining an improbable amount of weight, in order to compete. According to these sources, Whitney was encouraged to gain weight because her already size 2 frame, wasn’t eye-catching enough for her to conquer the title.

It is pivotal that we first scruntinze the credibilty of the source that leaked this inane anecdote. A girl, was told by a guy, that claims to have known the slimmer Whitney, that Whitney herself told him it was all an arrangement.

As a journalism major, I can say, that the source of a story holds much credence to the truthfulness of the information given. Whitney won, frankly because the other 25 women, were just not good enough. So this rumor must be obliterated, here and now, in order for Whitney to wallow in her new-found opulence.

A Barbados Eyeful:

The Ingenious Evolution of Rhianna, Challenges The Traditional Hip Hop Style of Dress and Cultural Stereotypes


She has irrefutably secured a spot as a trendsetting Diva in the Hip Hop sphere by challenging urban labels to reinvent themsevles. By capitivating the likes of, Dolce and Gabana, Fendi, Chanel and Kimora’s KLS collection, Rhianna has essentially challenged the gaudy hip hop style, modifying it’s siloettes into, high fashion opulent body conscinces designs.

Her hairstyles add complementary detail to her over all apperecne, by adding a warm streak of refinement. Either in a bob, with china-doll bangs, or a short and simple style, cut shorter at her nape– she is constantly maturing into a refinded fashion-consicence dame.

In long linen champaign colored pants, or black short-shorts, her stilettos, are always prime pieces to her overall ensemble. This Barbados eyeful has reinvented “hip hop style”, by showing a sophisticated more polished woman, that by no means, exemplifies the “B#@$@ and H#$@” rap artists make references to in their inglorious anthems.

After the Birth of Christ, and Before the House of Givenchy:

The Proliferation of Everything Soft, Sheer and Whimsical

The label Chloe, has been undulating off tongues everywhere, to christened chic pret-a-porter fashion. Filling the legendary spot as the world’s first fashion house, Chloe launched their divine fashions in 1952 by prolific fashion creator Jacques Lenoir and FrenchEgyptian creator Gaby Aghion. Seeing an opportunistic niche to conquer, Chloe set out to attract fashionistas everywhere by offering soft femme, body-conscience fabrics, with picturesque ombre dipped tanks.

In 1966, gargantuan fashion titan, Karl Langerfield headed the house, catapulting Chloe into an iconic plateau, which only foreshadowed the success, and prolific creations we see gracing the glossy pages of Teen Vogue today.

With an eclectic array of neutrals  infused with pieces au courant with the fashion industry, Chloe’s fresh-faced collection has cunningly managed to grace the long stark runways of the fashion industry for some time now. Chloe’s color palette of choice often resembles intense infusions of technicolor delight. It’s safe to say that Chloe’s color schemes ultimately cancel out one another, leaving awe-inspiring designs to shine through. Often fusing vibrant vivid blues,or forceful saturated yellows with the subtle uncertainty of neutrals, Chloe has managed to piece together colors that cleverly stabilize one another. With artful precision, their idiosyncratic pieces have managed to massacre designer rivals, in the mythological boxing ring of designer heavy-weights.

[Insert Product Here] The Product-less Ad

 Rarely using a product, with the absolute absence of copy, United Colors of Benneton, has often been in the spot light for their notorious advertisement campaigns. But, are these ads, really effective. I mean, if they’re trying to create buzz for thier store–they’ve pretty much done that. But by flipping through the glossy pages of my pop culture magazine, a fertile offspring with its funiculus umbilicalis, intact, kind off sets my mood. They’ve successfully exemplified branding and brand equity, in the marketing sense. Their spreads have caused controversy by the bold and brazen campaign spreads.Considering themselves a global clothing company, the success didn’t come easy for this Italian based brand. In 1955, Luciano Benetton, the eldest of four children, was a 20 year-old salesman in Treviso, Italy. He saw a market for colourful clothes, and decided to venture out to fulfill that niche.


After much acclaimed backlash for their tendentious advertising campaigns this clothing brand, has raised social issues, bringing a global concern to problematic issues like sex, race, gender, AIDS, and lifestyles. Despite the inclusion of product, or copy for that much, The United Colors of Benneton, has secured their place in our consciences as the brand that goes beyond branding, to institute social activism.

Minus-Size Modeling

 Minus-Size Modeling:

Ode to Sultry Coquettes

like Whitney Thompson

ANTM Winner Cycle 10


In mirror’s everywhere across this great nation, eight years old little girls, are scrutinizing their thighs and derrieres. When a sensual size eight women inexplicably clinches the title “plus size”, what misconstrued message are we sending out, about the fashion industry. 

With her pouty round lips, and soft celestial like bone structure, Whitney Thompson, is well deserving of her season ten title of America’s Next Top Model. As 20 -year old student, from Atlantic Park , FL, with her abrasive confidence, Thompson, has managed to wiggle her way into my top two, favorite America’s Next Top Model Winners.

So, lets all become agents of change. We should, as society  all become advocates for healthy living, eating right and exercising. As, a former, woman with a modelesque figure, yes child birth changes a lot– being a size zero, is not a size that everyone can attain. Unless you’re born with genetics that enable to obtain these “run-way” physics– poor lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits are not, by any means, necessary to stretch your bodies defense to it’s limits. Love the skin you’re in ladies, and you will feel that love reciprocated.

Little eight year olds are consequently making erroneously assumptions, perpetuated by the fashion industry ,that their pre-pubescent frames  are somehow not good enough.

Dipping under in the bottom two positions, on numerous occasions Whitney has managed to climb to the top of the pile of anorexia stricken, emaciated former contestant losers. As fashion pioneers ,lets represent all shapes and  sizes, tones, creeds and cultures.