[Insert Product Here] The Product-less Ad

 Rarely using a product, with the absolute absence of copy, United Colors of Benneton, has often been in the spot light for their notorious advertisement campaigns. But, are these ads, really effective. I mean, if they’re trying to create buzz for thier store–they’ve pretty much done that. But by flipping through the glossy pages of my pop culture magazine, a fertile offspring with its funiculus umbilicalis, intact, kind off sets my mood. They’ve successfully exemplified branding and brand equity, in the marketing sense. Their spreads have caused controversy by the bold and brazen campaign spreads.Considering themselves a global clothing company, the success didn’t come easy for this Italian based brand. In 1955, Luciano Benetton, the eldest of four children, was a 20 year-old salesman in Treviso, Italy. He saw a market for colourful clothes, and decided to venture out to fulfill that niche.


After much acclaimed backlash for their tendentious advertising campaigns this clothing brand, has raised social issues, bringing a global concern to problematic issues like sex, race, gender, AIDS, and lifestyles. Despite the inclusion of product, or copy for that much, The United Colors of Benneton, has secured their place in our consciences as the brand that goes beyond branding, to institute social activism.


One thought on “[Insert Product Here] The Product-less Ad

  1. The ads are actually offensive. I teach school at a local college and one thing I noticed among young designers is this trend of mixing blacks and whites and other races in an attempt to depict equality. That isn’t the issue, the issue is that the depictions are better than 90% some other race with a white woman and almost never a white man with another race depicted in the art.

    Id say its a racist agenda or mindset for sure.

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