Minus-Size Modeling

 Minus-Size Modeling:

Ode to Sultry Coquettes

like Whitney Thompson

ANTM Winner Cycle 10


In mirror’s everywhere across this great nation, eight years old little girls, are scrutinizing their thighs and derrieres. When a sensual size eight women inexplicably clinches the title “plus size”, what misconstrued message are we sending out, about the fashion industry. 

With her pouty round lips, and soft celestial like bone structure, Whitney Thompson, is well deserving of her season ten title of America’s Next Top Model. As 20 -year old student, from Atlantic Park , FL, with her abrasive confidence, Thompson, has managed to wiggle her way into my top two, favorite America’s Next Top Model Winners.

So, lets all become agents of change. We should, as society  all become advocates for healthy living, eating right and exercising. As, a former, woman with a modelesque figure, yes child birth changes a lot– being a size zero, is not a size that everyone can attain. Unless you’re born with genetics that enable to obtain these “run-way” physics– poor lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits are not, by any means, necessary to stretch your bodies defense to it’s limits. Love the skin you’re in ladies, and you will feel that love reciprocated.

Little eight year olds are consequently making erroneously assumptions, perpetuated by the fashion industry ,that their pre-pubescent frames  are somehow not good enough.

Dipping under in the bottom two positions, on numerous occasions Whitney has managed to climb to the top of the pile of anorexia stricken, emaciated former contestant losers. As fashion pioneers ,lets represent all shapes and  sizes, tones, creeds and cultures.


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