After the Birth of Christ, and Before the House of Givenchy:

The Proliferation of Everything Soft, Sheer and Whimsical

The label Chloe, has been undulating off tongues everywhere, to christened chic pret-a-porter fashion. Filling the legendary spot as the world’s first fashion house, Chloe launched their divine fashions in 1952 by prolific fashion creator Jacques Lenoir and FrenchEgyptian creator Gaby Aghion. Seeing an opportunistic niche to conquer, Chloe set out to attract fashionistas everywhere by offering soft femme, body-conscience fabrics, with picturesque ombre dipped tanks.

In 1966, gargantuan fashion titan, Karl Langerfield headed the house, catapulting Chloe into an iconic plateau, which only foreshadowed the success, and prolific creations we see gracing the glossy pages of Teen Vogue today.

With an eclectic array of neutrals  infused with pieces au courant with the fashion industry, Chloe’s fresh-faced collection has cunningly managed to grace the long stark runways of the fashion industry for some time now. Chloe’s color palette of choice often resembles intense infusions of technicolor delight. It’s safe to say that Chloe’s color schemes ultimately cancel out one another, leaving awe-inspiring designs to shine through. Often fusing vibrant vivid blues,or forceful saturated yellows with the subtle uncertainty of neutrals, Chloe has managed to piece together colors that cleverly stabilize one another. With artful precision, their idiosyncratic pieces have managed to massacre designer rivals, in the mythological boxing ring of designer heavy-weights.


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  1. Rihanna is definitely turning into a style icon. I believe its because her beauty crosses all racial barriers, and fans from almost every genre of music are feeling her.

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