Curving her Curvature:

The Fictitious Speculations Behind Whitney’s Win



Not long after our Rubenesque models’ success did the malicious gossip surface. As acclaimed by the rumors, Whitney won, Cycle 10 of ANTM, only after gaining an improbable amount of weight, in order to compete. According to these sources, Whitney was encouraged to gain weight because her already size 2 frame, wasn’t eye-catching enough for her to conquer the title.

It is pivotal that we first scruntinze the credibilty of the source that leaked this inane anecdote. A girl, was told by a guy, that claims to have known the slimmer Whitney, that Whitney herself told him it was all an arrangement.

As a journalism major, I can say, that the source of a story holds much credence to the truthfulness of the information given. Whitney won, frankly because the other 25 women, were just not good enough. So this rumor must be obliterated, here and now, in order for Whitney to wallow in her new-found opulence.


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