And Then There Was the Girl With Two First- Names:

Chanel Iman, Spotlighted


         Her skin, soft and delicate the color of grandma’s pumpkin pie. Her nose and mouth , are that of an ethnic beauty. Long hair dark as night, trails down her back as she prances down the runway.

           In a way she’s a mere 2-years-old. The exotic bombshell, Chanel Iman, pranced her extravagantly luxurious lower limbs in the Fall 2006 Fashion Week, down the runways of Dolce & GabbanaIssey MiyakeMarc JacobsValentinoDsquaredHermèsMichael KorsOscar de la Renta–just to name a few. Born to a half-Korean mother, and an African American father, Chanel Iman, is a bit of old news to the Rag Trade Industry–as we felt it only necessary to spotlight her, as she exemplifies everything that is fierce.

    This Culver City diva has been already compared to the African-American heavyweights of the industry by being compared to Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and Beverly Johnson.

       With both of her size 9 stillettos placed firmly on the grounds of the industries’ most elite designers, this runway cougar, has a lot of integrity and greatness in her near future.


Bi-Coastal, Baby:

Season Six of Heidi Klum’s Project Runway Gears Up to Kick-Off


This year alone,the radiant Heidi Klum has managed to surpass Kate Moss, in annual earnings, catapulting her to the number two spot, of highest paid supermodels ($14 million). She’s earned a prestigious Peabody Award, given to excellence in media, which by the way has made Project Runway the first reality show in history to recieve such an award. Not to mention she’s a wife, and mother to three small children.

With 6 season’s of TV network Bravo thrown over her shoulder, the rumor-mill has been spinning with the talks of Project Runway moving their tapings entirely to the City of Lost Angels. TV executives for the network, on the contrary, have extinguished the rumors by clarifying the split; taping in both New York and Los Angeles is temporary, and plan to continue taping entirely in New York, for the 7th season.

Klum is the quintessential media tycoon, that in essence puts the “super” in supermodel by dint of sheer hard work and determination. Gracing the covers of Elle, Vogue, Sports Illustrated and Marie Claire magazines, no one bears in comparison to her ground breaking achievements with Bravo’s–or should we say soon to be Lifetime‘s, reality show Project Runway.

Auf Wiedersehen Bravo

It’s A Bloggy- Blog World Out There: Celebrity Scandalmonger, Perez Hilton, Attempts to Extend Brand


He is the absolute ideal of celebrity slam, bam, thank you-not. Perez Hilton is the self-proclaimed ne plus ultra of gossip, smut and celebrity tittle-tattle. Dubbed the “Queen-of All Media”, Hilton was born Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr.–theres no way we could have made that up has ventuered into the scheme of branding himself as more than just the blog of all blogs by releasing a fashion line earlier this month with clothing retailer Hot Topic.

Based on the idealism that fans buy celebrity clothing lines, for one reason and one reason only–pure insanity. The clothing line, although still as fresh as daisies has manifested itself as yet another unsuccessful celebrity’s– of course using that word losely, farcicle attempt at extending their branding efforts.

With the ideal that the blogging orbit, has proven to be much of a intricate piece to the fabric our post-modern society, has challenged unconventional notions of our generation-X pop cultured society, by placing such heavy importance on the contention that blogs should be socially and morally conscience in eduationing others, by challenging us to think critically about social issues.

Known for “outing” Lance Bass, of NSYNC and being the subject of Fergie’s song Pedestal,, challenges the blog-culture. It seems as if, has launched a quasi- revolution in of itself, by dishing the dirt about everyone’s favorite celebrities. 

So Kudos Perez, by and large, for the your wondrous contribution to the blog culture.



Lam You, Very much:

Derek Lam’s Spring 2008 Collection Finds Inspiration from the Celestial Body Where Humans Live


Relatively regarded as newcomer to the Rag Industry, Derek Lam has managed to manifest amazing designs with his innate sense of detail and construction. As a home-grown San Franciscan–like myself , Derek Lam infuses elements of our “mother-earth” in his latest collection. With muted greens,saturated blues, warm neutrals and soft animal print pieces–  this collection’s inspiration appears to have gotten it’s cues from the untouched jungles of the Amazon and the wetlands of Southeast Asia.

His collection embodies everything that is feminine with his soft silhouette and abundant use of sheer and dainty textiles. Soft wave ringlets adorned on the heads of the models in his Spring 2008 collection fuels the fire to the super femme aura exuded from his collection.

Green With Envy:

TV Land’s, “She’s Got The Look” Showcases The Desirable Confidence and Morale in the over 40 crowd.

Much like the folkloric, idea of Children’s Fairyland, there’s a place where sitcoms perish. Like a writers Utopia or America’s, Florida– TV Land Network, has provided a stable refuge for these “has-been” sitcoms to savor in their retirement and hard work. I Love Lucy, Designing Women, Murphy Brown, Hogans Heroes, MASH, and Mad About You, only to of course name a few, this network has managed to house, decades and even centuries of programming, under one heterogeneous roof.


Forty-somethings, and even a sultry ferocious sixty-something, strutted down the long stark runway. TV Land’s original series, “She’s Got the Look”, hosted by Kim Alexis, aired yesterday June 4th,  showcasing talented women over the age of 35, conquering the contention that modeling careers, conclude at the ripe-young age of 25.

Theres a certain finesse, exerted by women over 35, a sense of confidence and aplomb–envied by the twenty-somethings. Radiance seeps through the pores of these dames, with a much envied  Je ne sais quoi  charisma about themselves. It’s a confidence that comes along with worldliness and assertiveness. 

So if, thirty is the new twenty, which in turn makes twenty is the new ten… then that makes me a pubescent twelve year old.

She’s Got the Look airs 10/9c on TVLand Network, check local listings for the network in your area.