Green With Envy:

TV Land’s, “She’s Got The Look” Showcases The Desirable Confidence and Morale in the over 40 crowd.

Much like the folkloric, idea of Children’s Fairyland, there’s a place where sitcoms perish. Like a writers Utopia or America’s, Florida– TV Land Network, has provided a stable refuge for these “has-been” sitcoms to savor in their retirement and hard work. I Love Lucy, Designing Women, Murphy Brown, Hogans Heroes, MASH, and Mad About You, only to of course name a few, this network has managed to house, decades and even centuries of programming, under one heterogeneous roof.


Forty-somethings, and even a sultry ferocious sixty-something, strutted down the long stark runway. TV Land’s original series, “She’s Got the Look”, hosted by Kim Alexis, aired yesterday June 4th,  showcasing talented women over the age of 35, conquering the contention that modeling careers, conclude at the ripe-young age of 25.

Theres a certain finesse, exerted by women over 35, a sense of confidence and aplomb–envied by the twenty-somethings. Radiance seeps through the pores of these dames, with a much envied  Je ne sais quoi  charisma about themselves. It’s a confidence that comes along with worldliness and assertiveness. 

So if, thirty is the new twenty, which in turn makes twenty is the new ten… then that makes me a pubescent twelve year old.

She’s Got the Look airs 10/9c on TVLand Network, check local listings for the network in your area.



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