Bi-Coastal, Baby:

Season Six of Heidi Klum’s Project Runway Gears Up to Kick-Off


This year alone,the radiant Heidi Klum has managed to surpass Kate Moss, in annual earnings, catapulting her to the number two spot, of highest paid supermodels ($14 million). She’s earned a prestigious Peabody Award, given to excellence in media, which by the way has made Project Runway the first reality show in history to recieve such an award. Not to mention she’s a wife, and mother to three small children.

With 6 season’s of TV network Bravo thrown over her shoulder, the rumor-mill has been spinning with the talks of Project Runway moving their tapings entirely to the City of Lost Angels. TV executives for the network, on the contrary, have extinguished the rumors by clarifying the split; taping in both New York and Los Angeles is temporary, and plan to continue taping entirely in New York, for the 7th season.

Klum is the quintessential media tycoon, that in essence puts the “super” in supermodel by dint of sheer hard work and determination. Gracing the covers of Elle, Vogue, Sports Illustrated and Marie Claire magazines, no one bears in comparison to her ground breaking achievements with Bravo’s–or should we say soon to be Lifetime‘s, reality show Project Runway.

Auf Wiedersehen Bravo


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