And.. we’re back

Unconventional Modeling

Competition Returns for a

Second Season 

Not just us, but a second season of our “fav” gal pals duking it out for the crown, is back. No, not that show. Salt and Pepper, seasoned Divas return to TV Land  next week to compete for chance to appear in Self Magazine and being signed to Wilhelmina Modeling Agency.

Aging gracefully has taken an incredible leap these days with opportunistic changes for the over 35 divas of the world. They say 30 is the new 20, making the once dreaded adding candles to the cake every year, a celebratory event. Yep, thats right TV Land’s She’s got the Look is back and premiers at 9pm on Thursday June 11th.

My favorite thus far has to be 72-year old Dolores. If I look like this at 72, right now in my twenties I’m a hot mess. If eating brocolli, will make me look half as good now, as Dolores does in her 70s, then just call me Broc– Broc Obama.


Getting old, has never been so freakin cool.



Dolores, 72, mother of 3, grandmother of 8


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