Welcome to Miami

Bienvenidos a Miami

Yes, that right. Two-thirds of the Kardashian trio is set to make their reality debut next month. Khloe and Kourtney move to Miami to stir up trouble, uh-hmm, we mean open up a new DASH store. E is set to premier these ultra fab ladies August 16 at 10/9c on their new show, “Kourntey and Khloe Take Miami”


Inspiration Corner

This Weeks Inspiration

Inspired by Claude Monet’s classic masterpiece, Water Garden  and the Chinese Footbridge, circa 1900. To pay homage, we decided to create sets with amazing colors, textures and themes to honor his amazing use of watercolors

Claude Monets Water Garden  and Japanese Footbridge Painting

How to Wear it

La Garçonne – Karen Walker Aviator Jacket

La Garçonne.com

Soft, yet super structured, we only felt it necessary to highlight La Garconne’s aviator jacket in our How to Wear it section. The idea of the masculinity of military inspired clothing crossed with soft colors and sensual fabrics has become an ultimate fascination with us here at RagTrade. We’ve created 4 magnificently marvelous ways to sport this gorge jacket from our Polyvore account. 

Heres how it works:

Item: La Garconne Aviator Jacket

Price: $414.00

4 Ways

This is our idea of a very stylish boy. Pairing this awesome jacket with a pair of jean shorts, and a fresh pair of kicks( yes, we are sometimes funky fresh), dresses the jacket down. The white tee  and aviator glasses adds to the menswear idea. Its  a super chic menswear set. To us, this is our idea of what men would dress like if women ruled the world. And yes we are being facetious.Untitled

We were so inspired by Stella McCartney’s Summer/Spring 2009 runway, that we decided to do our own Fleshy Fresh set. The thin, lightweight barely there tank ads a soft femme look to the oversized aviator jacket. Paring it with soft velvet like gladiators and a super mini stonewashed skirt, gives this jacket a slightly dresser feel.
This is our idea of hippie chic. Pairing the jacket with a floral high waisted skirt and brown shoulder bag is our attempt at duplicating a fancy treehugger. (oh.. that wasn’t meant to be derogatory in any way) Of course the change shirt, inspired by the motto of the Obama campaign adds a sense of awareness to social issues to this simple gray oversized jacket. Jimmy Choo, Coach… yes this is a glammed style maven that channeled flower power for her inspiration for this set.
Bridging together another post, we decided to do a sequined dress to add super glam and bling to this monochromatic set. Yes, we are going Michael in this set, with a sequined mini dress, and ankle boots.Dressed to impress, this set is a prime example of dressing up in your “mama’s closet”.

Fleshy Fresh



Flesh tones. sheer and sequins (oh my!) seemed to be the trends of McCartney’s show last year, that showcased this Summer’s collection


When asked to describe the look of her Spring/ Summer 2009 collection backstage at her show, Stella McCartney says  fresh and kind of energetic was the overall theme. Summer you can afford to be really sexy and I think the girls are sexy, she adds.



Soft whimsical fabrics tailored to the backdrop of sequins and iridescent fabrics appeared to be the theme of the runway show. Another trend we noticed was the amazing use of neutral colors against super form fitting spandex. Appearing to be fully nude, many of the garments were flesh toned and contoured the body of the model.

Eye must confess: The Eyebrow

They simply rest on the top of our eyes. Tiny muscles move them,  to create over millions of expressions. Reactions to actions, inspire these babies to communicate with the rest if the world. What are they. Yes, ladies, we are celebrating eyebrows.


Often forgotten in the hustle and shuffle of fashion, is beauty. So we’re taking the time to pay homage to our good friends that frame our faces and keep our eye lids warm.


The thick, natural, eyebrows graced the runways and magazine covers of the 70s and 80s are back, along with a bucket of other fashion trends circa 1980 that we dont feel necessary to mention.


Although we are coming to the end of our summer,lets take a look back at an all time classic designer and his use of the brow on his Spring/ Summer 2009 collection.


Karl Langerfield of Chanel, was just one of the many designers set to celebrate the au natural look in his Spring/Summer 2009 collection.


Peter Philllips Make up Artist backstage at Chanel says, the only thing that is like a thread toward the makeup looks, is the eyebrow in the show. Just go for a stronger eyebrow, a strong elegant eyebrow, he adds.

Glitter Lives

Fashion Icon, Musical Genius:

We pay homage to the “Smooth Criminal”

We wanted to pay homage to the legendary Michael Jackson and commemorate his success in life and music. To follow the ethos of everything Ragtrade, we only felt it necessary to examine his fashion contribution. Let us remember him, his life and his legacy. RIP Michael.

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The Jacket:

Its structured, piped, fitted and shoulder padded out. Since the 80s have made a surprising come back into the fashion scene, these Michael inspired jackets adorned with grommets and sequins have graced the runway for seasons. Adopted from the “man” celebrity style icons like Beyonce and Rhianna have  been caught in exact replicas of Mike’s infamous military jackets.

The Mac Sparkle Complex:

Sequins in the daytime, became acceptable as the King of Pop sported around in full on sequined hats, jackets, gloves, pants, shoes and anything else that could hold glue and a sequin. His sequin jackets paved the way for celebrity’s like Rachel Bilson Alesha Dixon and many more