Glitter Lives

Fashion Icon, Musical Genius:

We pay homage to the “Smooth Criminal”

We wanted to pay homage to the legendary Michael Jackson and commemorate his success in life and music. To follow the ethos of everything Ragtrade, we only felt it necessary to examine his fashion contribution. Let us remember him, his life and his legacy. RIP Michael.

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The Jacket:

Its structured, piped, fitted and shoulder padded out. Since the 80s have made a surprising come back into the fashion scene, these Michael inspired jackets adorned with grommets and sequins have graced the runway for seasons. Adopted from the “man” celebrity style icons like Beyonce and Rhianna have  been caught in exact replicas of Mike’s infamous military jackets.

The Mac Sparkle Complex:

Sequins in the daytime, became acceptable as the King of Pop sported around in full on sequined hats, jackets, gloves, pants, shoes and anything else that could hold glue and a sequin. His sequin jackets paved the way for celebrity’s like Rachel Bilson Alesha Dixon and many more


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