How to wear it

Sequin Multi Strand Vintage Necklace


Its the ultimate assesory to the perfect navy blue blazer. The finish to a soft vintage dress. This chunky-chunk of a necklace can either make or break an outift. Take it from a few of our friends at Polyvore, and savor their creativity, as they used this necklace to spruce up vintage jackets and monochromatic tops and bottoms.

Heres how it works:

Item: Sequin Multi Strand Vintage Necklace 

Price: $88

Add a super femme soft and layered flowered dress with a structured navy blue jacket and somewhere on a Polyvore set these worlds colide to create a wonderful combination. Nordy’s vintage necklace not only adds masclinity to this set with its uber hardware, but it adds an ever so needed touch of bling.


Mix a cotton floral mini, with soft leather gladitors. Spice it up with a vintage grandpa cardigan, and youve prepared the perfect landscape for our Sequin Multi Strand Vintage Necklace. The soft muted detail in this set is perfect for the metallic wonder to shine, literally. Almost like treehugger meets biker chic, this is a perfect way to wear this necklace.


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