Eye must confess: The Eyebrow

They simply rest on the top of our eyes. Tiny muscles move them,  to create over millions of expressions. Reactions to actions, inspire these babies to communicate with the rest if the world. What are they. Yes, ladies, we are celebrating eyebrows.


Often forgotten in the hustle and shuffle of fashion, is beauty. So we’re taking the time to pay homage to our good friends that frame our faces and keep our eye lids warm.


The thick, natural, eyebrows graced the runways and magazine covers of the 70s and 80s are back, along with a bucket of other fashion trends circa 1980 that we dont feel necessary to mention.


Although we are coming to the end of our summer,lets take a look back at an all time classic designer and his use of the brow on his Spring/ Summer 2009 collection.


Karl Langerfield of Chanel, was just one of the many designers set to celebrate the au natural look in his Spring/Summer 2009 collection.


Peter Philllips Make up Artist backstage at Chanel says, the only thing that is like a thread toward the makeup looks, is the eyebrow in the show. Just go for a stronger eyebrow, a strong elegant eyebrow, he adds.


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