Polyvore: Spotlight of the Week

Hey Big Trender:

  She’s got sass and pizzazz–chutzpah and “what-nots”. Her style epitomizes all that is vintage and trendy, using unprecedented pieces to construct her “on the cusp” Polyvore Sets. Her signiture style habitually includes unconventional amounts of lush bangle bracelets and howlingly gaudy make-up options. 

The texture and color palettes in her sets are jaw- dropping. Her soft feather edge, and her rough vintage jacket, in this set, are perfect dichotomies of one another.

HeyBigTrender… keep on trendin’


Fashion Reality Squared

Ready For Take off: Bravo Gears up for New Drama

Its like a jar of assorted Jelly Beans. Popcorn flavor, mixed with pink lemonade, mixed with broccoli. Bravo’s reinventing itself by premiering a “new kind” of fashion reality show. 


Heres the scoop. Fashion designers, pair up with industry know-how’s to compete for the launch of their own fashion line. Event Planners, Choreographers and Entrepreneurs– to name a few– team up with designers to fulfill their life long dream of creating a fashion line. 


The show Launch my Line, hosted by designers of DSQUARED2, is set to premier Sept 16 at 10/9c on Bravo TV.


Its not a all a surprise that many industry execs store lifelong dreams of creating fashion lines. Model Kimora Lee Simmons crossed over to the other side of the runway. Entertainers have all done it before. Everyone from Snoop Dogg, to J-lo, Gwen Stephanie, even music producers like Pharrell of the Neptunes.


We’re not only eager to see the fashion that comes out of this show, but the drama with a capital “D” is sure to captivate us.


Leave us a comment, tell us what you think. Show success, or a recipe for disaster?

Off- solutely Chic

The not-so-average office wear


Yep. its that wonderful time of the year again. Its the season where college grads transition into the workforce. Where fresh meat enters the sweltering jungle of corporate America — ugh that was harsh.


Depending on your major, to grad school or not, all things are as important as style. From flip flops and sweatshirts, to seven jeans and tanks– translate your wardrobe into office chic.


Remember the times when your mom and grandma left for work with drab, 2 piece cream suits, with extra large shoulder pads. Although shoulder pads are back… cream “two-piecers” are not.


We came across a super chic fashion designer from Los Angeles on lookbook.nu, that puts the “Ohhh” in office chic.


Check out her page on lookbook, and her blog.


Leave us a comment, tell us what you think.

Style Maven: Rihanna- anna -anna-hey

She’s rockin those styles like… 

We’re all in agreement here, that Rihanna’s super sexy styles have surpassed the average 21 year old pop star in Hollywood right now. Rockin torn acid wash jeans with Christian Louboutin shoes, makes this maven eye catching. Her beauty–her soft flawless skin, with neutral eye makeup and pop-red lipstick give her classic look pizzaz. 


Short styles, were so a thing of the 80s and early 90s, but with this twenty something rocking it short, its no wonder fashionistas everywhere are becoming one with the scissors this season.



Victoria’s Baby: She’s a Very Pregger Girl

Victoria’s Baby


You know what they say, what happens on the runway, stays on the runway. With these Vicky’s Secret babes all expecting around the same time its got us wondering two things.First,is it something in the water, and two, what does a VS model wear while preggers. Heidi, Adriana Gisele and Karolina, all are expecting these next couple of months. 


Due with her fourth in mid-October,  Heidi Klum was spotted at the launch of Project Runway’s new season, sporting her baby bump and a mini-skirt. Adriana and Gisele both due in December show off two super trendy styles.


Preggo-for the first time Gisele sports a peasant top, short shorts, an oversized scarf and a pair of aviators– love.


Karolina, spotted at an event earlier this month sports a fringe jacket, cuffed jeans and killer shoes. Karolina will be due with her first around November.

Bowing 757’s


Joe Bow

If you have a mini mouse complex– this trend isnt for you. Seen on the runway of Louis Vuitton and Betsy Johnson, is the hair bow. Once loved by the “tea party” in all of us, this trend has, like many others, resurfaced. Not just your typical hair bow, but all sizes from medium to super large, almost cartoon like bows are in this fall’s collections. Sport them either at the top of your head, or shifted to the side, to accent your neon blue leggings this fall.


Look books revealed

Take a Look-y


Once rendered as a fashion designers go-to for showing off their past collections, many sites are promoting the “designer” in you. Sites like this, has opened the gate for the average Jane to show off her super amazing style. In all essence, grab your camera the next time you venture to the McDonalds drive through, as the perfect lighting could be anywhere.


The site lookbook.nu features everyday people from around the world showing off their editorial talents.


Leave us a comment. Do you think this type of site takes away from the respect of seasoned and trained fashion photographers?