Can you say Peplum?



Pep- What?

And no, it’s not a member of the aardvark family. Hitting the Fall 2009 runway is the disappearing-reemerging, then disappearing again, Peplum jacket. So what is it you ask?

We’re so glad your intrigued. It pretty much looks like a jacket with a skirt sewed onto the bottom. 

History Lesson 101: Grab your Trapper-Keepers 

Historically crafted during the early 19th century this jacket can be described as a short overskirt that is usually attached to a fitted jacket.

In the 1940’s the early peplum was usually not attached to a jacket, but was merely an extra overskirt flounce sewn onto, and dropping from the waist. The most current peplum, that we’ve all grown to love, became popular as a design in women ‘

s wear fashion.

The Fading Peplum:

In the 1950s the peplum began to fade away from the fashion scene into the fashion world’s equivalent of Florida. But, sure enough, just like Tupac, the peplum reemerged in the late 80s and early 90s. Although this time they were equipped with the “ever-so-loved”

 shoulder pads , its safe to say the year 2000 changed its course entirely

In 2000 instead of being a long overskirt, the peplum was designed to just cover the mid stomach.


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