Sex and the City 2 Gears up

They’re at it Again

Its like a once in a lifetime moment; getting struck by lightning, winning the lotto.. but what if we told you, it could happen twice. This amazing news has floored us here at the Rag Trade. Get this, Sex and the City Movie 2 is set for debut this Spring 2010. Yes, sounds crazy right. With Miranda, Carrie and gang debuting their film from the HBO series last year, it sounds insane that the crew has already began taping the sequel.


Well, its what the people want right? The people have spoken all around the world, with signs and whistles, chanting “Give us Car-rie”


If you thought your mouth watered uncontrollably at the fashions of the original Sex and the City Movie, grab a rag and a bucket, for the amazing style we’re anticipating for Sex and the City Movie 2.


Tell us what you think? Is the sequel destined for the sequel curse?





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