“Man”-I shouldn’t have done that

Lohan rocks out in yesterday’s court room

As I look for inspiration for today’s blog post, I couldn’t help but look at my fuchsia nail polish on my own nails, and wonder about the latest celebrity trends in nail care, when I came across Lindsay Lohan’s infamous court room digits.

Photos have surfaced from yesterday’s trial of  twenty-four year old Lohan rocking airbrushed designs with the message “Shhh” and “F@ck”  stenciled on her middle fingers.

According to a recent article posted on Yahoo News Lohan says “It had nothing to do w/court,” Lohan wrote. “It’s an airbrush design from a stencil” and mentions how written expression on fingernails is a growing trend.

Take a look at Lohan’s courtroom photo, and an Associated Press video of the infamous mani.