Polyvore Spotlight of the Week

Dream of Boarderline

Thats right,a self proclaimed “Studentessa” hailing from Italy, we bring you our most recent discovery. With her most recent sets taking advantage of the darker color pallet, this girl isnt afraid to use, texture, pattern and bold colors in her magnificent sets. While only joining the clan a short 9 months ago, this Italian style maven has managed to take to the culture well,as an active member in the rockin group We Are Trendsetters. Big ups to Hey BigTrender for her amazing group.





Her sets are compiled with Love me 80’s vintage duds, and kick ass, python, leopard patterned hodgepodge. Textures, she’s never afraid off. By infusing a pair of vintage moccasins, with an uber-conservative navy blue Ralph Lauren Blazer, her unique style bellows past her rivals in the Polyvore Cult. Her quirky sets exemplify conservatism and an ostentatious display of urbanity. Soulk!d is where boho chic, meets super femme fatale. Leather, feathers, straps and hats– just don’t mess with the kid, man.

SoulK!d, you’ve got soul… and you’re superbad…

Keep on popping out those 80’s meets nineties, meets today, sets– relentless in reinventing yourself each time with your positively outré fashion finds


She cleverly injects major doses of creative power and quirky textures through out her sets. As a recent converter to the polyvore sect and it’s teachings with 135 contacts and hundreds of favorites, this fashionista is a definite force to be reckoned with. Her uber-vintage pieces mix high and low priced efforts to construct the ultimate sets. Her signature, seems to be her vintage glasses. Round and proud, her oversized specs add sophistication to her feathered, furred and sparkled creations.

Welcome to the clan, _saintlaurent and we welcome all your zany sets. You’re a textured-junkie… and should be proud of it.

mazel tov




Hey Big Trender:

She’s got sass and pizzazz–chutzpah and “what-nots”. Her style epitomizes all that is vintage and trendy, using unprecedented pieces to construct her “on the cusp” Polyvore Sets. Her signiture style habitually includes unconventional amounts of lush bangle bracelets and howlingly gaudy make-up options.

The texture and color palettes in her sets are jaw- dropping. Her soft feather edge, and her rough vintage jacket, in this set are perfect dichotomies of one another.

HeyBigTrender… keep on trendin’


One thought on “Polyvore Spotlight of the Week

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