1930’s Vintage Fashion, Nostalgia will follow

An Era to Remember

Creating a blockbuster hit is only half the battle. Costume design and wardrobe can play such a major impact in the success of a film, of course when all other important factors are in place.

It looks like the roaring 20’s will have to take a backseat, because there’s a new sheriff in town.

Forget the flapper girls and zoot suits for a moment. Beautifully designed and constructed garments in such films as Atonement and The Purple Rose of Cairo are great examples of how structured garments can transform into soft and romantic pieces with the help of beautiful and romantic backdrops and cinematography that’s just right. Cue any romantic scene in Life is Beautiful.

According to this recent Wall Street Journal Article the 1930s look is dominating as a fan favorite on recent runways.

Both Balenciaga and Miu Miu featured 30s inspired clothing in their dazzling fall runways. Ahh the 30s makes us all want to make a trip to our nearest vintage store in search of treasure. What about the cinematography and musical backdrop you ask? It will all come into play once you step outside wearing your vintage 1930s yellow peacoat. Viva la 30s.

Tell us, what’s your favorite movie of the 1930’s era?


Burberry fashion show set for debut in 3D

Gearing up for London’s fashion week fashion house Burberry, has announced its plans to début its fall/winter 2010/2011 women’s line on February 23rd, through live 3-D video streaming in New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Dubai, and Tokyo.

Through invite only, live from The Chelsea College of Art, live screenings of the show will stream utilizing SKY Television’s 3-D technology. Around the world New York’s Skylight studios, Paris’ Colette, Dubai’s The Address, Tokyo’s La Fabrique for ‘’Burberry Night’’, and an event in Los Angeles hosted by The Daily Beast are all set to host screenings of the 3-D spectacular. Burberry will stream the show on its website seen here.

She’s au-some

Audrina’s Picks for Back-to-School Fashion


Get this, you dont even have to be in or around the Los Angeles area to chomp around the hot spots with Audrina Patridge. Yes, we’re just as excited as you are about the whole back to school season. But doin’ it up with our girl Audrina sure makes the back to school chore… alot easier.


Audrina’s style on the MTV show The Hills is rocker chic. Mixing leather, with spandex, a splash of ruffle and voila!!


Myspace.com’s fashion series “The fit” features Audrina this week, as she takes us to her fav fashion spots around LA.From the Beverly Center to La Brea Ave, take an inside look at her back to school fashion, and catch all the latest dirt on her upcoming movie Sorority Row, set to debut Sept 11.

We’ve felt so inspired, we’ve decided to throw together of few of our own Audrina-inspired back-to-school looks.

Bowing 757’s


Joe Bow

If you have a mini mouse complex– this trend isnt for you. Seen on the runway of Louis Vuitton and Betsy Johnson, is the hair bow. Once loved by the “tea party” in all of us, this trend has, like many others, resurfaced. Not just your typical hair bow, but all sizes from medium to super large, almost cartoon like bows are in this fall’s collections. Sport them either at the top of your head, or shifted to the side, to accent your neon blue leggings this fall.