Kate Hudson’s Mermaid Beauty


It’s not just baby season in Hollywood. Yesterday we reported our fashion fav mom Victoria Beckham gave birth, and today its bohemian goddess, Kate Hudson. Congrats Kate, on your baby boy!

Kate’s soft mermaid- whimsical like style has been a fan favorite of RT for a while now. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Kate Hudson style choices.


Sex and the City 2 Gears up

They’re at it Again

Its like a once in a lifetime moment; getting struck by lightning, winning the lotto.. but what if we told you, it could happen twice. This amazing news has floored us here at the Rag Trade. Get this, Sex and the City Movie 2 is set for debut this Spring 2010. Yes, sounds crazy right. With Miranda, Carrie and gang debuting their film from the HBO series last year, it sounds insane that the crew has already began taping the sequel.


Well, its what the people want right? The people have spoken all around the world, with signs and whistles, chanting “Give us Car-rie”


If you thought your mouth watered uncontrollably at the fashions of the original Sex and the City Movie, grab a rag and a bucket, for the amazing style we’re anticipating for Sex and the City Movie 2.


Tell us what you think? Is the sequel destined for the sequel curse?




Bi-Coastal, Baby:

Season Six of Heidi Klum’s Project Runway Gears Up to Kick-Off


This year alone,the radiant Heidi Klum has managed to surpass Kate Moss, in annual earnings, catapulting her to the number two spot, of highest paid supermodels ($14 million). She’s earned a prestigious Peabody Award, given to excellence in media, which by the way has made Project Runway the first reality show in history to recieve such an award. Not to mention she’s a wife, and mother to three small children.

With 6 season’s of TV network Bravo thrown over her shoulder, the rumor-mill has been spinning with the talks of Project Runway moving their tapings entirely to the City of Lost Angels. TV executives for the network, on the contrary, have extinguished the rumors by clarifying the split; taping in both New York and Los Angeles is temporary, and plan to continue taping entirely in New York, for the 7th season.

Klum is the quintessential media tycoon, that in essence puts the “super” in supermodel by dint of sheer hard work and determination. Gracing the covers of Elle, Vogue, Sports Illustrated and Marie Claire magazines, no one bears in comparison to her ground breaking achievements with Bravo’s–or should we say soon to be Lifetime‘s, reality show Project Runway.

Auf Wiedersehen Bravo

It’s A Bloggy- Blog World Out There: Celebrity Scandalmonger, Perez Hilton, Attempts to Extend Brand


He is the absolute ideal of celebrity slam, bam, thank you-not. Perez Hilton is the self-proclaimed ne plus ultra of gossip, smut and celebrity tittle-tattle. Dubbed the “Queen-of All Media”, Hilton was born Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr.–theres no way we could have made that up has ventuered into the scheme of branding himself as more than just the blog of all blogs by releasing a fashion line earlier this month with clothing retailer Hot Topic.

Based on the idealism that fans buy celebrity clothing lines, for one reason and one reason only–pure insanity. The clothing line, although still as fresh as daisies has manifested itself as yet another unsuccessful celebrity’s– of course using that word losely, farcicle attempt at extending their branding efforts.

With the ideal that the blogging orbit, has proven to be much of a intricate piece to the fabric our post-modern society, perezhilton.com has challenged unconventional notions of our generation-X pop cultured society, by placing such heavy importance on the contention that blogs should be socially and morally conscience in eduationing others, by challenging us to think critically about social issues.

Known for “outing” Lance Bass, of NSYNC and being the subject of Fergie’s song Pedestal, Perezhilton.com, challenges the blog-culture. It seems as if perezhilton.com, has launched a quasi- revolution in of itself, by dishing the dirt about everyone’s favorite celebrities. 

So Kudos Perez, by and large, for the your wondrous contribution to the blog culture.



Curving her Curvature:

The Fictitious Speculations Behind Whitney’s Win



Not long after our Rubenesque models’ success did the malicious gossip surface. As acclaimed by the rumors, Whitney won, Cycle 10 of ANTM, only after gaining an improbable amount of weight, in order to compete. According to these sources, Whitney was encouraged to gain weight because her already size 2 frame, wasn’t eye-catching enough for her to conquer the title.

It is pivotal that we first scruntinze the credibilty of the source that leaked this inane anecdote. A girl, was told by a guy, that claims to have known the slimmer Whitney, that Whitney herself told him it was all an arrangement.

As a journalism major, I can say, that the source of a story holds much credence to the truthfulness of the information given. Whitney won, frankly because the other 25 women, were just not good enough. So this rumor must be obliterated, here and now, in order for Whitney to wallow in her new-found opulence.