Fashion Icon Victoria Beckham gives birth to baby number 4!

“Being a Mommy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your own personal style. Wear pumps, and little black dresses to the supermarket with your 3 kids”- RT

We love fashionable mommies! In fact, we’ve covered the amazing fashion of our fav posh mommy Victoria Beckham. Today we are overjoyed to congratulate her on baby # 4!! Lets hear what our editor, has to say about Maternity/ Fashion when you’re a mommy of multiples.

Like Victoria, our very own Briana Iwuji, is a bussines savvy mom, and soon to be mother of three.

RT: What’s the secret to getting the Victoria Beckham style?

BI: I think its all about confidence, and of course adding professional pieces to your wardrobe.

RT: Do you have style advice for moms or soon to be moms?

BI: One thing I’m not going to advocate is for moms to wear baggy or “comfy” clothes once they make the plunge into motherhood.

I think as moms, we sacrifice alot for others. The key to maintining that Beckham style after your little ones are born is to just stay true to yourself. Follow fashion trends and blogs, but that does not mean that you have to follow them. Adjust trends to meet your personal style and everyday life.

RT: What happens to mom’s fashion when there’s multiples involved?

BI: Its just a factor of time really. The best advice I can give is for mom to learn how to plan and manage her time wisely. Dressing up is supposed to be fun in every stage of a woman’s life.


Style Maven: Rihanna- anna -anna-hey

She’s rockin those styles like… 

We’re all in agreement here, that Rihanna’s super sexy styles have surpassed the average 21 year old pop star in Hollywood right now. Rockin torn acid wash jeans with Christian Louboutin shoes, makes this maven eye catching. Her beauty–her soft flawless skin, with neutral eye makeup and pop-red lipstick give her classic look pizzaz. 


Short styles, were so a thing of the 80s and early 90s, but with this twenty something rocking it short, its no wonder fashionistas everywhere are becoming one with the scissors this season.



Fleshy Fresh



Flesh tones. sheer and sequins (oh my!) seemed to be the trends of McCartney’s show last year, that showcased this Summer’s collection


When asked to describe the look of her Spring/ Summer 2009 collection backstage at her show, Stella McCartney says  fresh and kind of energetic was the overall theme. Summer you can afford to be really sexy and I think the girls are sexy, she adds.



Soft whimsical fabrics tailored to the backdrop of sequins and iridescent fabrics appeared to be the theme of the runway show. Another trend we noticed was the amazing use of neutral colors against super form fitting spandex. Appearing to be fully nude, many of the garments were flesh toned and contoured the body of the model.

How to wear it

Sequin Multi Strand Vintage Necklace


Its the ultimate assesory to the perfect navy blue blazer. The finish to a soft vintage dress. This chunky-chunk of a necklace can either make or break an outift. Take it from a few of our friends at Polyvore, and savor their creativity, as they used this necklace to spruce up vintage jackets and monochromatic tops and bottoms.

Heres how it works:

Item: Sequin Multi Strand Vintage Necklace 

Price: $88

Add a super femme soft and layered flowered dress with a structured navy blue jacket and somewhere on a Polyvore set these worlds colide to create a wonderful combination. Nordy’s vintage necklace not only adds masclinity to this set with its uber hardware, but it adds an ever so needed touch of bling.


Mix a cotton floral mini, with soft leather gladitors. Spice it up with a vintage grandpa cardigan, and youve prepared the perfect landscape for our Sequin Multi Strand Vintage Necklace. The soft muted detail in this set is perfect for the metallic wonder to shine, literally. Almost like treehugger meets biker chic, this is a perfect way to wear this necklace.

A Barbados Eyeful:

The Ingenious Evolution of Rhianna, Challenges The Traditional Hip Hop Style of Dress and Cultural Stereotypes


She has irrefutably secured a spot as a trendsetting Diva in the Hip Hop sphere by challenging urban labels to reinvent themsevles. By capitivating the likes of, Dolce and Gabana, Fendi, Chanel and Kimora’s KLS collection, Rhianna has essentially challenged the gaudy hip hop style, modifying it’s siloettes into, high fashion opulent body conscinces designs.

Her hairstyles add complementary detail to her over all apperecne, by adding a warm streak of refinement. Either in a bob, with china-doll bangs, or a short and simple style, cut shorter at her nape– she is constantly maturing into a refinded fashion-consicence dame.

In long linen champaign colored pants, or black short-shorts, her stilettos, are always prime pieces to her overall ensemble. This Barbados eyeful has reinvented “hip hop style”, by showing a sophisticated more polished woman, that by no means, exemplifies the “B#@$@ and H#$@” rap artists make references to in their inglorious anthems.

It’s Big: Sex And the City

The Resurrection of Bradshaw

We’re all anxiously awaiting the release of the Fashion Industry’s equivalent of Passover. The motion picture release of Sex and The City Movie, has undeniably forced Fashionista’s all over the world, to make ritual sacrifices to the fashion gods of the universe.

She’s gotten bigger than big. Her style embodies everything that is on the cusp of the fashion world. Paring a rugged pair of coco-dipped vintage open toe booties with extravagantly long argyle socks, the character Carrie Bradshaw, infuses her boyish charm with her “go-getter” femme persona, in each and every ensemble.