Rebecca Black Thia Megia and Everyone in Between?

We’re all fans of American Idol here at Rag Trade Disciples. So much, in fact that we jumped for joy when this season’s Idol lowered the age bar for auditions and allowed 15 year olds to compete. This season had tons of great youngsters on its roster that at one point included tons of 90s babies including 16-year olds Lauren Alaina, Thia Megia, Brett Loewenstern and tons others that didn’t even make it to the top 24 :: sigh::

So with all this 16-year old success, we are wondering are the Rebecca Black’s and Justin Bieber’s of the world the new dawn of pop music?

Chime in below.


A Barbados Eyeful:

The Ingenious Evolution of Rhianna, Challenges The Traditional Hip Hop Style of Dress and Cultural Stereotypes


She has irrefutably secured a spot as a trendsetting Diva in the Hip Hop sphere by challenging urban labels to reinvent themsevles. By capitivating the likes of, Dolce and Gabana, Fendi, Chanel and Kimora’s KLS collection, Rhianna has essentially challenged the gaudy hip hop style, modifying it’s siloettes into, high fashion opulent body conscinces designs.

Her hairstyles add complementary detail to her over all apperecne, by adding a warm streak of refinement. Either in a bob, with china-doll bangs, or a short and simple style, cut shorter at her nape– she is constantly maturing into a refinded fashion-consicence dame.

In long linen champaign colored pants, or black short-shorts, her stilettos, are always prime pieces to her overall ensemble. This Barbados eyeful has reinvented “hip hop style”, by showing a sophisticated more polished woman, that by no means, exemplifies the “B#@$@ and H#$@” rap artists make references to in their inglorious anthems.