1930’s Vintage Fashion, Nostalgia will follow

An Era to Remember

Creating a blockbuster hit is only half the battle. Costume design and wardrobe can play such a major impact in the success of a film, of course when all other important factors are in place.

It looks like the roaring 20’s will have to take a backseat, because there’s a new sheriff in town.

Forget the flapper girls and zoot suits for a moment. Beautifully designed and constructed garments in such films as Atonement and The Purple Rose of Cairo are great examples of how structured garments can transform into soft and romantic pieces with the help of beautiful and romantic backdrops and cinematography that’s just right. Cue any romantic scene in Life is Beautiful.

According to this recent Wall Street Journal Article the 1930s look is dominating as a fan favorite on recent runways.

Both Balenciaga and Miu Miu featured 30s inspired clothing in their dazzling fall runways. Ahh the 30s makes us all want to make a trip to our nearest vintage store in search of treasure. What about the cinematography and musical backdrop you ask? It will all come into play once you step outside wearing your vintage 1930s yellow peacoat. Viva la 30s.

Tell us, what’s your favorite movie of the 1930’s era?


Project Runway goes Hi-Tech with HP

Set for its début tomorrow, Project Runway contestants ditch their traditional sketch pads for HP Touchsmart PC’s and notebooks. With the 24-hour countdown to the 7th season of Project Runway underway, we felt it only necessary to mention this innovation to the competition.

As designers sketch using HP’s TM2 swiveling tablet, we are eager to see what technology will bring to the competition.

Three Days In… to Fashion Week that is.

Derek Lam Spring 2010 

So, what where you doing at 11am today? Most likely you were not at the Promenade lusting over Derek Lam’s Spring 2010 Collection as part of Mercedes Benz Fashion week.

Just when we’ve faced the harsh reality of having to do away with our jumpers and gladiator sandals, here comes fashion week showcasing next springs trends. 

Looks like the high-waisted era, will still be going strong next spring, as Lams runway was full of high waisted shorts, skirts and coolocks. Mixing patterns and wearing sequins in the daytime all seem to be a part of the “fabric” of Lam’s Spring collection.

Leave us a comment. Has Lams use of unconventional patterns and outrageously high waisted skirts gone too far? Will the trend be played out by then.

Victoria’s Baby: She’s a Very Pregger Girl

Victoria’s Baby


You know what they say, what happens on the runway, stays on the runway. With these Vicky’s Secret babes all expecting around the same time its got us wondering two things.First,is it something in the water, and two, what does a VS model wear while preggers. Heidi, Adriana Gisele and Karolina, all are expecting these next couple of months. 


Due with her fourth in mid-October,  Heidi Klum was spotted at the launch of Project Runway’s new season, sporting her baby bump and a mini-skirt. Adriana and Gisele both due in December show off two super trendy styles.


Preggo-for the first time Gisele sports a peasant top, short shorts, an oversized scarf and a pair of aviators– love.


Karolina, spotted at an event earlier this month sports a fringe jacket, cuffed jeans and killer shoes. Karolina will be due with her first around November.

Asos Rips the Runway


Its like walking into your favorite store and hearing your favorite song playing. Many of us will admit to hearing songs in our head throughout our daily rountine, almost as if the simplist of tasks are acompanied by a soundtrack. Walk into the Brass Plum department of Nordstrom and hear a Lady Gaga, or Lil Wayne thumper and sure enough you’ll be persuaded to purchase big.

This anomoly must have been the marketing concept behind our fav European fashion website, Asos. The conept of the shopping website is intriguing and innovative. See a shirt on the website. Yes, its an adorable full circle geo face print top, but what does it look like, really?

on  the runway to the backdrop of RadioHead’s “Wierd Fishes”? Probably freakin amazing.

Asos shopping fashion store offers more than just unique finds for under a dime, but each article of clothing is accompanied by a story, a soundtrack, a mood or a lifestyle.

Lam You, Very much:

Derek Lam’s Spring 2008 Collection Finds Inspiration from the Celestial Body Where Humans Live


Relatively regarded as newcomer to the Rag Industry, Derek Lam has managed to manifest amazing designs with his innate sense of detail and construction. As a home-grown San Franciscan–like myself , Derek Lam infuses elements of our “mother-earth” in his latest collection. With muted greens,saturated blues, warm neutrals and soft animal print pieces–  this collection’s inspiration appears to have gotten it’s cues from the untouched jungles of the Amazon and the wetlands of Southeast Asia.

His collection embodies everything that is feminine with his soft silhouette and abundant use of sheer and dainty textiles. Soft wave ringlets adorned on the heads of the models in his Spring 2008 collection fuels the fire to the super femme aura exuded from his collection.