Google Launches Fashion Website

Google announced, the launch of their fashion website The website allows shoppers to create profiles of their personal style, likes and dislikes. The site then categorizes each shopper’s style based on these results.

If you are wondering where and how a site like this could be of interest to Google, it’s probably because uses the same smart algorithms as Google to enrich SEO. For instance, a shopper can scroll though “boutiques” of other users, and “like” articles of clothing within a collection. This information is used to create and predict shoppers preferences, to suggest items of clothing they might be interested in from retailers from around the world.

The website also creates a collection of inspiration looks to support each clothing category. If you are searching for skinny jeans, the site will gather inspiration looks from sites like, polyvore, and to help you find the perfect look.

This site is nothing less than the Google equivalent to the uber fashionista. Leave a comment below– is this new Google site a “like” or a major “dislike”?


Asos Rips the Runway


Its like walking into your favorite store and hearing your favorite song playing. Many of us will admit to hearing songs in our head throughout our daily rountine, almost as if the simplist of tasks are acompanied by a soundtrack. Walk into the Brass Plum department of Nordstrom and hear a Lady Gaga, or Lil Wayne thumper and sure enough you’ll be persuaded to purchase big.

This anomoly must have been the marketing concept behind our fav European fashion website, Asos. The conept of the shopping website is intriguing and innovative. See a shirt on the website. Yes, its an adorable full circle geo face print top, but what does it look like, really?

on  the runway to the backdrop of RadioHead’s “Wierd Fishes”? Probably freakin amazing.

Asos shopping fashion store offers more than just unique finds for under a dime, but each article of clothing is accompanied by a story, a soundtrack, a mood or a lifestyle.