The Trailer: Store Reviews

H&M Stoneridge Mall Pleasanton, CA
Sweden Than Most



Walking around Stoneridge the other day, I heard cherubs strumming softly at their harps. Glitter started to fall from the sky, simultaneously my eyes began to water. Turning to my left the red glare of the letters “H” and “M” etched into my frontal lobe. Okay, so it wasnt that dramatic, our discovery of H&M at Stoneridge Mall, but it was pretty intense.


The awning welcomed us, embracing us with the sounds and smells of everything super chic. In the window, a fringed purple, mini dress embraced the hot ceiling lights, reflecting brightness onto its black counterpart to its left.

With an amazing two story structure this H&M pours in eager shoppers for all its ends.At the bottom, causal, kids, mens babies. At the top; We like to call– grown folks section. Price ranges are higher at the top. Evening dresses and business attire seems to attract the twenty somethings at this level. Its kind of like a graduation, for  a woman, from the carpi’s and flip flops at the lower level, to a quick ride to pencil skirts and high waisted flared jeans on the top. Did we mention Mathew Williamson’s collection lives on the top floor.


Welcome ladies, to our swedish fav, affordable prices, trendy threads and our personal fav, nickle free jewelry. 


The Thrift Town Nation:

Marveling at the Sensation of Thrifting


As the largest jewel in the crown, in the the middle of an underdeveloped shopping plaza, the rewards often start pouring in, way before, one enters the large portal, of the Thifttown Fremont,California. With ample amounts of parking spaces, and whopping size neon colored signs plastered on the front store windows, it’s no wonder that the crowds are attracted from all over the East Bay.

The iridescent walls, often pallid in color, bounce light onto the soft laminate floors. Immediately to the right of the gargantuan entrace to the store, cashiers receive patrons with open smiles, as they swipe vintage lamps and eighties inspired jackets.

Merchandise is methodically organized by color and size. Racks are often overstuffed and filled past their capacity. Strategically placed is a section, that I ultimately adore– Best Clothing. With general price points throughout the store ranging from an economically sound, $.99 to $6.00, Best Clothing offers designer label, vintage pieces for as little as thirty bucks. 

With one of a kind finds, this jewel in the rough offers patrons fast, clean and friendly shopping experiences. It doesn’t help that this an eco-friendly deed, in turn, reduces carbon footprints across this nation.


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